Top 10 basic car maintenance tips

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Once you get into the habit, it’s very simple to keep an eye on your car with basic maintenance that will not only improve the safety of the vehicle but will also save you money.

  1. TYRES: Check pressures, tread depth and the condition of your tyres every two weeks. The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm. Check pressures when the tyres are cold (so not after a long journey)
  2. ENGINE OIL: This is easy to check using your dipstick – check every couple of weeks and before a long journey
  3. WATER: Once a week, when your engine is cold, check the coolant level
  4. SCREENWASH: It is illegal for your screenwash system to be malfunctioning so keep in regularly topped up with one containing antifreeze
  5. WINDSCREEN: Keep an eye out for chips and get them repaired before they turn into cracks
  6. LIGHTS: Check all lights are working once a week – you will need to get someone to help you check the rear brakes and reverse light
  7. BODYWORK: Check every now and again for any signs of damage or rust
  8. POWER STEERING: The garage should top up the hydraulic fluid reservoir on your power steering when it’s in for a service. But check its levels once a month
  9. AIR FILTERS: The cabin and engine both have air filters. Check your manual for how to change the cabin one, a garage may need to help with the engine filter
  10. BATTERY: It’s a good idea to check your battery every couple of months for leaks or damage. You can easily wipe away any mineral build up with a battery cleaning brush.
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