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Top Tips to Determine the Condition of the Used Car You are Considering Purchasing

For first time buyers, used cars are an excellent investment. Even for some people who have the finances to purchase a new car, used cars are the best choice. But, unfortunately our customers have been running into issues by purchasing cars without having any professional technicians take a look at the car first. Before selecting a used car, it is essential to check each and every single aspect of the car. Still to this day, many people purchase used automobiles without getting a second opinion of any kind. In case you find yourself in this situation, here are some of the top actions that will allow you to quickly determine the condition of a used car without any mechanical knowledge:

* Take a Test Drive – Taking the used car for a long test drive allows you to get a feel for the car that you are considering buying. You can see how it performs on all aspects and make sure the car will be up to your standard. Also make sure to keep your eyes and ears open to check for any unusual engine and suspension noises. Also, ensure that the meters on the dashboard are in good working condition and remain within range at all times. This is why a long test drive is essential, especially since an overheating condition could possibly be very expensive. Make sure all buttons and features of the car work. Go as far as your knowledge allows, since you should really be getting a second opinion from a licensed auto repair shop such as Everything Auto NY.

* VIN History Report – It is best to get a complete history report of the used car that you’re considering purchasing. You can get these reports online and it can reveal a lot about the vehicle that the seller might be keeping from you. While minor fender benders can be ignored, you need to think twice before buying a car that has been in a severe car accident.

* Pre-Purchase Inspection – If you know much about cars, you will benefit even more by conducting a pre-purchase inspection with us, so the car can be connected to the latest dealer level diagnostic equipment and also raised up on a lift. Also, if you know little about cars, it is necessary to hire a professional shop to perform the pre-purchase inspection. They can determine if the vehicle is safe and if it is in need of any major or minor repairs.

It is essential to take the car to a trusted auto repair shop for a thorough pre-purchase inspection. It will give you a better idea about the condition of the potential used car. Remember, we always promise to give the best price possible on all services, but the price of a pre purchase inspection varies and it is best to contact Everything Auto NY to get the best price. Feel free to call us at any time at 347-494-2235.

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Here, at Everything Auto NY, we understand shopping for a used car can be a really difficult task. Going to a major car dealer usually leaves you with a very high bill, many extra fees, and a bunch of questions after the sale, leaving you to wonder if you really got a good deal or not. One of the main issues that cause this is price uncertainty. At EverythingAutoNY, we make sure to talk to you in PLAIN ENGLISH about the final price you will be paying to get the car out the door. We aren’t like the other guys who will negotiate a price with you after a test drive and start adding fee’s once you sit down to sign papers. Once we agree on a price, we will immediately calculate the sales tax for you and even approximate the DMV registration fee so you know exactly what you are paying in total to all parties, not just us. 

We stock many varieties of cars, SUV, and trucks, that are available to look at, test drive, and purchase all in the same day. We can even go to the DMV for you and register the car for you the same day! (as long as we start the sales process early in the day) Even if you need new plates or already have plates you’d like to transfer, we simplify the buying process for you so after full payment you only need to sign your name on two papers. We pride ourselves in our quick process to get you out the door and into your new car as soon as possible. We also include a brand new, New York State Inspection, with every car so you don’t need to worry about it for another year. We also get the NYS inspection preformed by a third party so you can be assured you are getting a quality vehicle that another mechanic shop (that has no financial interest in the cars we sell) has fully reviewed. We actually prefer to bring our inspections to our competition, so they rigorously check every inch of the car before giving us approval, and we can verify that everything we checked during our initial delivery inspection is still in great condition. 

Our initial delivery inspection is like no other in the automotive industry. We don’t just buy a car and put it on our lot until a customer comes. We take full advantage of our complete service center and allow them to check the car in depth and list any problems. Any issues that are found are immediately corrected with no questions asked. If for some reason we find a major or unfixable issue on a car we would like to sell, WE WILL SIMPLY JUNK THE CAR, because we will NEVER sell a lemon! A dollar bill is no where near as important to us as our customers and the quality of the vehicles we sell. Our reputation is the most important thing to us. We work with every customer to make sure every situation works out in there favor. 

Give us a call today 347-494-2235 and come see why we are the best choice for EVERYTHING AUTO related in New York City! Let us show you how simple we make your car buying experience. We even offer warranties starting at $20/month and also full maintenance plans so you never have to worry about ANY costs on your car, from oil changes all the way to engines. Even if you don’t make use of our low cost warranty/maintenance service plans, we will guarantee that our service department will take care of any need you may have in the future, for the best possible prices in NYC! 

Don’t see a car you like on our lot?! We have access to every make and model car including luxury and rare vehicles. Just ask us to find you a certain type of car and we can probably get it for you within a week! This magic comes from our Brokerage (car finding) service that we also provide for a extremely low cost. We will detail these services in the next blog post.

Call 347-494-2235 for any details, questions, comments etc.