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Car buying service in Valley Stream NY 11580

Skip the typical dealership stress and save BIG money with our brokerage car buying service. With our car finding concierge service, we can find you any car you desire at the best possible price. Time and time again we satisfy our customers due to the stress free process & low prices we offer. This is because we work for your best interest to get you the best price out the door. We don’t lure you in with a low price and then overload you with fee’s and add-on’s like typical dealerships. We also have the ability to help you out with many processes after you purchase your vehicle. Not only do we offer our best mechanical experience possible at the time of purchase (full pre-purchase inspection can be done at our location or we will make the best estimate possible on the ground) and We also offer delivery, signing, and trade-in services. We can even go to the DMV for you and register any car for you so you drive it right off our lot. The wide variety of services we offer prove that we are your source for EVERYTHING auto related! EverythingAutoNY.com

We have the ability to satisfy broad needs such as “I need a SUV” all the way down to specific needs such as, “I want a 2008 Porsche 911 GT3”. Our access to multiple suppliers, dealers, and wholesale dealers allows us to get the best price hands down. We take the lowest fee in the nation. We will not be beat on price. Try us out today, call 347-494-2235

Top Ways to Look after Your Car This Winter

Winter is definitely here! 

Still, many people will easily overlook the maintenance of their car. Driving in extreme snow or a blizzard needs preparation and patience. By preparing your car, for the harsh weather conditions that await us all, Everything Auto NY can help car owners avoid any unplanned emergencies or accidents that are quite common during the winter months. 
Here are some great auto care tips to make sure your car is in great shape all winter long –

Keep the Battery in Peak Condition

During the colder months, the car’s battery is the most affected part on the car. The car battery uses more energy to operate during cold weather. This allows the winter to drastically reduce the cranking amperage that is available to the starter. It is essential to get your auto battery tested before, during, and after winter to ensure it always remains in good condition. If it is not, you should consider replacing it as soon as possible to avoid getting stranded in a cold parking lot or side of the road when you least expect it.

Get your Brakes Checked Often

You need to get your brakes checked routinely to ensure your safety when driving on icy and snow covered roads. While you may test the brakes on your own, a professional will conduct thorough inspection to ensure that your brakes will work perfectly in all possible aspects. The certified technicians at Everything Auto NY will always have the latest technology and optimal equipment to monitor your braking system correctly. Regardless of what year make or model, we are your one stop shop for everything automotive, including brakes, even for rare cars, such as BMW M series, and other BMW’s, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Porsche, etc.  

Ensuring Lights and Wipers are Working

It is best to check the level of fluid in the windshield reservoir and fill it up as needed. At Everything Auto NY, we provide free windshield washer fluid fill ups with EVERY service! Even a small oil change or light bulb change, will get your windshield washer bottle filled to the top!

Wipers can get damaged for many reasons, such as, being operated while frozen, or windshield damages. While small chips and scratches might seem small at first, it is recommended to replace chipped and cracked windshields immediately to avoid damage to yourself and others. At Everything Auto NY, we provide wiper replacements and windshield replacements, as well as, other automotive glass repair services.

You should also ensure that your exterior and interiors lights are in optimal working condition so that other drivers can see you and you can see them. One of the worst feelings on the road, is having all your lights on, and still not being able to see the person ahead of you! For your own safety and also everyone around you, please stop by EverythingAutoNY.com for directions to our shop in Valley Stream, NY 11580. We will gladly check all your bulbs and wipers for free! We also offer free replacements of bulbs and wipers with services over $250!

Apart from the above, you also need to get many other parts of your car routinely inspected such as tires, batteries, wipers, lights, brakes, suspension, oil, antifreeze and other parts so that you can drive your car during winter months without worrying about getting inconvenienced. If you need help looking after your car this winter, Everything Auto NY is the best place to be. We offer complete testing of all of the different parts of your car to ensure it is ready for the winter months for many years to come.

Auto Repair Shop in Valley Stream NY 11580

Automotive repairs are expensive anywhere in the world, especially New York. When that dreaded time comes and you need to find an auto shop, its important you can find one you trust, and that is working for your best interest. EverythingAutoNY is here to provide you with quality auto repair service at an unbeatable price. We also explain everything in easy to understand terms because we believe its important to always have a fully informed customer. 

Trust is a very important factor that we believe most of the auto industry lacks. We are very open and honest about every detail that comes to your car. Our open work area promotes honesty by giving you a clear view of your vehicle and mechanic. This allows you to see us treat your car with the latest technologies and diagnostic equipment. Although we pride ourselves on our high-tech equipment and updated technology, customers consistently come to our repair shop because of the the professionalism of our mechanics and the wide variety of automobiles we service. Our team of professionals are knowledgeable in servicing all types of cars, including American, European, and Asian automobiles, in all aspects of repair and maintenance. So whether you need normal maintenance or major repairs, take it to Everything Auto NY for accurate diagnosis and quality service at the best prices!

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Always remember where you came from!

Time passes by so quickly. Sometimes it’s easy to forget where you started. With all the commotion that goes on in the world, especially New York City, it is easy for life to pass you by. Sometimes before you know it, in the blink of an eye, your life might seem completely different than it did 5 or 10 years ago.

Everything Auto NY started in 2009. In those times, we were only helping out friends, family, and locals that were reffered to us. This quickly exploded into what we do today. We provide the best prices on Auto Repair, Auto Parts, and Quality Used Cars. We have been expanding at an enormously fast pace. We have our loyal customers to thank for that, they provide us with an unbelievable amount of referrals and support, to make sure we continue to expand. Thank you all so much!

In 2012, we moved into our 61 W. Merrick Rd. Valley Stream, NY 11580 location. We never thought it could transform into what it is today. We went from only helping people we knew, to helping our entire neighborhood, and now we have customers all across New York! Fast forward to November 2016 and now we are making our presence known on the internet with EverythingAutoNY.com 

We are Long Island’s best kept secret! Come check us out for EVERYTHING car related! Or call us anytime! 347-494-2235