Snowy weather tips

All of NYC, including Valley Stream, NY and beyond Nassau & Suffolk counties got hit with a “Bomb Cyclone”, the first blizzard of 2018! Now that everyone is back on the road, our main complaint from customers has been vibrations, especially when driving over 30 to 60mph. Before you visit your local auto repair shop, you should check your tires and wheel wells thoroughly for any ice and snow stuck inside the rims or around the tires, which would cause heavy vibrations. Check the picture below and keep reading for tips on how to handle icy roads!

Lowering your speed on the road, is one of the most important factors, that could reduce your chances of an accident. On the highway, it is also important to avoid tailgating, by leaving 100 yards between you and the car ahead of you, in order to give you plenty of room to stop in case that person has to brake suddenly. Rear wheel drive cars become very dangerous in snowy and icy conditions. Extreme care should be taken in bigger vehicles with rear wheel drive as well. Even if you have all-wheel drive, you should always reduce your cars speed to about half of the speed limit. This is a general rule of thumb and honestly does not cover all situations. If your vehicle still feels as if it will slide out, then cut back another ten miles per hour until you feel like you have full control of your car.

Extreme cold, will usually freeze any water or moisture on the road, which can lead to black ice. It is basically impossible to see this dangerous clear glaze, but if you have bright enough HID or LED headlights installed, you could possibly spot the reflection off the ice at night. Black ice has the ability to form at any time, but usually due to freezing temperatures. Regardless of snow or ice, in bad weather, you should slow your vehicle down to at LEAST half of the speed limit posted.

Overlooking something as simple as icy rims may save you time, money, and an unnecessary trip to the mechanic. If your wheels are cleaned and you still feel the vibration then come by Everything Auto NY at 61 W Merrick Rd in Valley Stream, NY to diagnose your car troubles. Remember all diagnosis are free with any repair! Stay safe & warm!

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