Harman lets you choose how, what and where to listen to music

A new technology that enables you to bring your individual listening preferences into the car by audio specialists HARMAN, is making its European debut at Geneva Motor Show. Personi-Fi users simply input how what and where they like to listen to music into the app. Then the technology creates immersive sound environments that are personalized to the listener and the car they are traveling in. By personalizing the audio, Personi-Fi can deliver the best experience for each individual, including those that have suffered some hearing loss. The technology also looks to the future, ensuring that rideshare users won’t have to compromise their listening preferences with other users.

Against a backdrop of growing demand for personalization, HARMAN developed Personi-Fi to be a very cloud-based brand entertainment solution with a simple user interface to optimize the listening experience on any device with an automotive-specific version shown at Geneva in a VW Golf demonstrator built by HARMAN. User input data about themselves, their preferences (more bass for example, or an EQ such as jazz or classical) and Person-Fi creates a profile that can be transferred from car to car or other devices.

With all the processing done in the cloud, users select either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LTE streaming to connect their profile to the car. Personi-Fi then uses 200 DSP and technologies such as Virtual Venues, Individual Sound Zones (ISZ), Clari-Fi, Hearing Profile, and DIRAC Panorama, even factoring in car seat location to personalize the sound.

In addition to improved acoustic performance over app-only versions of Personi-Fi, the automotive version unlocks a multitude of advanced Personi-Fi features enabled through access to the car’s microphones and navigation systems. By integrating sources from Personi-Fi, the user’s audio preferences are extended to sources including AM/FM, Satellite Radio, CD, USB and streaming sources. Thanks to ‘Over the Air’ updates, custom audio features and upgrades are possible during the life of the vehicle.

“HARMAN Personi-Fi is an ingenious combination of a smartphone app and cloud service that brings a personalized experience to any device in any environment, whether the listener is in the car, at home, or on the go,” said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Audio at HARMAN. “Looking ahead to the future, this is a great way for people to enjoy their personal preferences in ride-sharing scenarios, whatever the vehicle.”

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