Don’t freeze this winter!

It is winter time and you are heading for a New Years shopping spree with your family. You decide to turn on the heating / cooling system. After driving for a mile or so, your cabin is all fogged up covering every window with condensation. You ignore this by wiping the glass with your hands and continue driving. After a few days, the problem persists and now you can even smell a sweet smell of some coolant. It’s time to put a brake to your shopping program and head to Everything Auto NY right away as your heater core could be busted! & now We are offering a 25% discount on ALL heater core repair services until March 1st, 2018!

What is a heater core?
The heater core is an important component of your car’s cooling system, which also includes a heater valve, water pump, cooling fan, radiator and thermostat among other items. The heater core is the main component that is responsible for the heat used in the passenger compartment. It is usually located right behind your dashboard deeply buried among a pile of several other parts. In the picture below, the heater core is shown with the blower motor fan.

Symptoms of a bad heater core
A lot of drivers fail to realize there is something wrong with their heating or cooling system until the engine starts overheating or the heater stops working. While these are the final symptoms of problematic heater core, the initial symptoms include excessive fogging and coolant smell from your AC vents. Also, if your vehicle is guzzling a lot of coolant lately, there is something wrong again. It is advisable to report your car to Everything Auto New York on the very first symptoms of a problematic heater core as this may allow us to address the issues at a minimal cost, avoiding you the expenses of replacement of major repairs.

Repair or replace?
Heater cores are expensive parts which can cost you upwards of $500! Even more on certain models of cars. Do not panic yet as we at Everything Auto NY are not here to simply replace parts and provide you exorbitant bills. All the car owners in the New York areas of Queens and Nassau County who have come to us for auto repair are well aware of our ‘Maximum quality at Minimum prices’ motto. 

Our first step is to thoroughly examine your heater core and its life and provide you with an estimate for both replace and repair. In any case, we ensure that the labor costs are set to a minimum which is usually not the case with heater cores. If you do decide to replace the core, we calculate the timing as such when the replacement costs you lesser than the repair. Thus it’s a win-win situation for both of us – you get a new heater core at a cheaper rate than used, and we provide you with optimum service and parts, just like Everything Auto NY has been known for, for almost a decade!

Why Everything Auto?
Everything Auto NY is a family owned and operated business located in Valley Stream, NY 11580 and addresses heater core issues and cooling system repairs in Nassau County, Queens and surrounding areas. Our set of highly skilled technicians and professionals also undertake other car repair services like complete vehicle service diagnostics, Electrical, Computer Programming, Coding, Flashing, Adaptations and other “Dealer Only” Special Functions! As well as: Brakes, Oil Changes, Tune Ups, Engine Repair,  Scheduled Maintenance, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Cooling System, Heating and Air Conditioning, Transmission, Fuel Injection Systems, Belts and Hoses, Steering, SRS, ABS, and Exhaust System Repair. Our happy customers from all around New York will testify for the excellent services we offer on everything from, repairing heater cores and cooling systems, to engines and transmission!

Top Ways to Look after Your Car This Winter
You should spend more time maintaining your car!

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