Hyundai develops smartphone-based digital key for your car

  Hyundai Motor Group has announced the development of a ‘Digital Key’, which allows users to unlock and start their Kia vehicle via their smartphone. Replacing a traditional physical key, the new Digital Key can be downloaded via an app and used by up to four authorized people. The Digital Key can be downloaded via […]

Harman lets you choose how, what and where to listen to music

A new technology that enables you to bring your individual listening preferences into the car by audio specialists HARMAN, is making its European debut at Geneva Motor Show. Personi-Fi users simply input how what and where they like to listen to music into the app. Then the technology creates immersive sound environments that are personalized […]

Tips for driving with technology

Mobile communications and GPS systems used as sat-navs are becoming very common in cars. Whether you are connecting your Bluetooth to blast tunes or looking for the nearest Waitrose, these have become a fundamental part of the daily drive for many of us. This week’s tips give advice on using technology to complement your driving, […]

Four out of five popular auto brands victims of keyless car theft

As per new figures from UK’s automotive publishing specialist, ‘Which?’, four of the five best selling models are susceptible to keyless theft. Moreover, TRACKER reports that 88% of all stolen vehicles it recovered in 2018 were stolen without using the owner’s keys – confirming that keyless theft is not just a threat, but a very […]