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Trucking tips from IAM Roadsmart

[categories driving tips] Driving in front of, or even behind, a large lorry can be daunting. But there’s no need to panic as Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s head of riding and driving standards, is here to help with seven top driving behaviour tips to keep you at ease on the road. When you’re driving along […]

Millennials, Gen Z believe driving should be taught at school

[categories industry survey] Almost half of the drivers aged under 25 (44 percent) think learning to drive is such an important skill, it should be added to the school curriculum. With the number of youngsters choosing to learn to drive in steep decline, falling by 20 percent in a decade*, a new study from Young […]

86 million vehicles sold in 2018 as global market stabilizes

[categories automotive sales] The year 2018 was somewhat challenging for the global car market, as sales fell for the first time since 2009. Many carmakers felt the effects of trade tensions between the world’s biggest economies, political changes in key markets, and new threats to the status quo of the industry. “Last year could be […]