American Muscle most popular rare car segment in UK

The Chevrolet Camaro – made popular in the blockbuster Transformers franchise and the star in the latest ‘Bumblebee’ iteration – tops the list of “most desired” used cars on sale in Britain.

CarGurus, the fastest growing automotive shopping site in the UK among its nearest competitors*, analysed the number of shoppers searching for every model for sale on since July 2018 to create its ‘Desirability Score’**. Of particular interest were models with less than 100 examples available, where the results were surprising.

Two classic Rolls-Royce models – Silver Shadow and Silver Spirit – are included in the Top 10 with thousands of people searching for every car available. While it’s no surprise to see luxury cars like the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari 360 Modena and BMW 8 Series score highly in the in-demand index, there are two more unusual motors that make the list.

The rare Piaggio Porter, a small van from a brand better known for scooters, and the Nissan Elgrand, a boxy MPV, recorded almost 2,000 searches per available model on sale in the last year.

“The CarGurus Desirability Score shows just how in-demand the ultra-rare vehicles can be,” says Chris Knapman, Editor of CarGurus. “Whilst the majority of our consumers are just searching for a great deal on their next car, the CarGurus Desirability Score also acts as the automotive equivalent of window shopping – it highlights the vehicles customers are most interested in or wish they owned, even if they aren’t always the most practical of choices.”

Most in-demand used cars (under 100 for sale on CarGurus since July 2018)

Vehicle CarGurus Desirability Score
  1. Chevrolet Camaro
  1. Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
  1. Nissan Elgrand
  1. Piaggio Porter
  1. Vauxhall VXR8
  1. Infiniti Q60
  1. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
  1. BMW 8 Series
  1. Ferrari 360 Modena
  1. Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

CarGurus, created by TripAdvisor co-founder, Langley Steinert, also analysed models with at least 1,000 for sale since the start of July to find slightly more commonplace cars that hold a place in the hearts of the nation.

Here, the luxury Bentley Continental tops the list with 172 user searchers for every available model – streets ahead of the nearest rivals the Mercedes CLC (133) and Subaru Impreza (121). Vehicles from German manufacturers dominate the Top 10 overall, representing over half of the list.

British models also feature with the Land Rover Defender and Jaguar XJ both recording over 100 user searches per listing.

Most in-demand used cars (at least 1,000 cars for sale since July 2018)

Vehicle CarGurus Desirability Score
  1. Bentley Continental
  1. Mercedes-Benz CLC
  1. Subaru Impreza
  1. Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  1. Porsche Cayenne
  1. Audi A8
  1. Land Rover Defender
  1. Jaguar XJ
  1. Porsche Boxster
  1. Mercedes-Benz CLK
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