Wheel damage from potholes set to reduce

Beleaguered motorists suffering the scourge of pothole damage have been given a lifeline following prestigious approval of a wheel protection system designed by AlloyGator. Many motorists won’t need telling but research has estimated that as many as four out of five cars on roads have damaged alloy wheels, many of these by hitting a pothole. […]

How India’s love for the vintage vehicles is reaching the younger generation

[categories Specials] “We can learn a great deal from what’s happening in India right now, when it comes to attracting young people into the historic vehicle movement,” says FIVA President Patrick Rollet. In March, FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) held its General Council meeting in Bangalore, India’s […]

Five cars to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

[categories Specials] Aren’t we obsessed with the an eventual end to our world in the form of a Zombie apocalypse. Countless movies and blogs have been written on the same. Let’s assume we do end up in a World War Z. What car would you use to survive it? CarGurus, the online automotive marketplace, has […]

7 jargons used for simple car parts and tech

Car manufacturers are guilty of confusing drivers with complicated names for common features and simple technology. MotorEasy has revealed some of the most baffling lingo used by car makers as it continues its fight for “plain English” in the automotive industry. The car ownership and maintenance service was a part of the ‘Lost in Translation’ […]

Ford smart driving helps you cut fuel bills

Many drivers know that they can save on fuel by laying off the accelerator pedal. Now, Ford is introducing commercial vehicle-first technology that helps drivers economize further by letting them know when to slow down in good time to avoid hard braking, based on what lies ahead, and even out of sight. Ford’s EcoGuide technology […]

Seat factory reduces water consumption by 31%

SEAT’s Martorell factory in Barcelona has reduced its water consumption per car produced by 31% in the last eight years. By using cutting-edge technology and more efficient processes to reuse and recycle water used in its manufacturing processes, particularly in the paint workshop and rain test booth – the two areas that consume the most […]

Škoda celebrates 60th anniversary of the first Octavia model

The Škoda Octavia, the brand’s multi-million seller around the world, celebrates another remarkable milestone in 2019 – the 60th anniversary of its introduction. Originally designed to bring affordable and high-quality motoring to the audience at a cheap price, the design and engineering philosophies behind the Octavia remain the same today. Over the years, the Octavia […]